Meet Our Team

Dr Sam Sorensen - BSc BVMS

Practice Owner - Veterinarian

Dr Sam Sorensen graduated from Murdoch University, WA in 1985. She has special interests in Dermatology, Radiology, Surgery, Endocrinology, Acupuncture and Ultrasonography. Dr Sam has worked in Australia, China, Singapore and done volunteer work in Africa, Peru, Nepal, Solomon Islands and Cook Islands. She established Yanchep Veterinary Hospital in 2005 and from a small start has grown the practice into a full service hospital.

Treating and diagnosing difficult medical cases are her forte, and she especially loves helping pets with skin and ear problems. Dr Sam shares her home with her dog Daisy Cuddlebug:a cuddly bear in a Rottweiler body. Her hobbies are kayaking, snorkelling, Stand Up Paddle boarding and anything beach related.

Sarah Bellew

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Sarah is a young enthusiastic qualified vet nurse who recently graduated from applied vocational training.  She mainly spends her free time at the beach, spending time with friends, family, her adorable kitten Jade and has a dachshund furbaby on the way!

Charlotte Blanksby

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Charlotte is a cert 4 veterinary nurse. She has worked at Yanchep Vet on and off since 2011. In between working at Yanchep Vet she has been travelling the world, learning to snowboard and scuba dive. She even has experience taking blood tests from elephants! She has a big fat orange cat called Jasper and loves spending time at the beach with her friends and their dogs.

It’s great to have Charlotte back until she needs to travel again!

Stacey Herrick

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Stacey graduated in 2015 from Polytechnic West with a certificate IV in veterinary nursing and certificate in Pet grooming.
She has a handsome black standard poodle named Lincoln who she loves to spend her spare time with.

When she’s not with Lincoln she spends her time doing pilates or playing golf.

Heather Burgess


Heather is a Certificate IV 2019 Veterinary Nurse graduate from AVT. She has a mastiff x called Zeus that she loves taking to the beach and little Ellie, a Jack Russell x and 2 human kids. She is a long time resident of the area and knows almost everyone. She also has 2 cute little guinea pigs who line up every morning for their treats.

Annette Leddin


Annette is our receptionist and works part time. She started nursing with Dr Sam many moons ago and has been in the veterinary industry for 22 years. She has a beautiful tortoiseshell senior cat,  Tabatha, and a new little addition, Oreo, a rescue kitty found at the Clarkson Police Station, and a human daughter. Annette loves nursing and she has exceptional people skills!

Danielle Vaz

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Danielle is currently studying her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with AVT. She is very passionate about animals, at home she has a furbaby called Axle, her rescue pup and a kitten she rescued from the December Yanchep Fires called Ember. She hopes one day she can provide a foster home for animals in need.

Georgia Murphy

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Georgia started her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing studies and has been with us since the beginning of 2019. She loves learning all aspects of nursing, especially caring for pets recovering from surgery and helping us keep everyone warm and comfortable. She has a Catahoula Dog called Callie, and she spends her spare time walking Callie and hanging out at the beach with her.  Georgia also helps run our Puppy Pre School.



Kayla is currently studying her certificate II in Animal Studies. She loves plants, animals, painting and being a foster mum to baby kittens! Since working at Yanchep Vet Hospital Kayla has been inspired to apply for her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing for 2021. 

Jerry the Kitten

Jack of all trades! Monster of smooches!

This is our new addition Jerry the kitten!  A very cheeky and playful kitty at that!

Some of you may have already met him, we are already in LOVE with his big personality!

Jimmy the Cat
Qualified to do nothing

Rest In Peace, the Best Clinic Cat

Jimmy was our resident layabout. He loved to stretch his legs all over the front reception desk, greet clients and tease dogs sometimes. Mostly he liked to sit in the garden and hunt snakes. We did love him though! Jimmy sadly passed away in 2018 and will be missed by everyone at the clinic.