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  • Aug 25 2021

    Watch this space for new vets joining our team soon

    Dr Sarah Silveria will be joining us shortly after having her visa approved.! She will be working as a Vet for us. We also have a new vet joining our…

  • Sep 10 2020

    IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT CAT DENTAL HEALTH – Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FORL)

    Cats get a very different kind of dental disease to dogs.  Very small invisible holes in the tooth allow bacteria to enter and start to dissolve the tooth from the…

  • Sep 10 2020

    Snake Bite Prevention

    The two most common types of snake found in the Perth region are Brown Snakes (Dugites) and Tiger Snakes. During the warmer days of Spring, snakes become more active as…

  • Sep 03 2020

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    Sam’s Vet Practice Magazine Interview

    Read Sam’s interview about ‘Managing Aggressive Pets’ at

  • Aug 21 2019

    Sam’s podcast episode on Catexplorer

    Listen to the Catexplorer podcasts at  

  • Mar 07 2019

    Plants for happy cats

    We love our cats and our gardens, so why not help the two get along? There’s some fantastic, pet friendly plants out there, ideal for any sized garden and they…

  • Jan 13 2019

    Rusty at Snake Avoidance Training

    Check out these videos of Rusty at the Snake Avoidance Training session run by Animal Ark at Yanchep Veterinary Clinic & Animal Hospital in 2018. For more information about this...
  • Jan 10 2019

    Summer Dog Grooming Dangers

    ⚠️🐕 SUMMER DOG GROOMING DANGERS 🐕⚠️ A Perth vet is warning pet owners not to cut their dog’s fur too short in summer… Posted by ABC Perth on Thursday, 10 January…

  • Dec 01 2018

    Festive season not so festive for pets

    Christmas is nearly here and as you start to decorate your house for the festive season, spare a thought for the deadly dangers posed to your pets by Christmas decorations,…

  • Nov 30 2018

    Hot weather hazards for pets

    How do you keep your pets hydrated during the hot summer days? Hot weather hazards for pets They might be called the… Posted by Destination WA on Thursday, 29 November 2018