• Oct 17 2018

    Snakes Alive

    A reminder to stay alert for snakes this spring is in The West Australian’s Inside Cover.

  • Oct 12 2018

    Be aware of deadly snake danger in spring

    Dr Cymantha Sorensen treats as many as 20 dogs and a number of cats for snakebites every year and has already seen and sadly was unable to save one pet…

  • Oct 10 2018

    Warning about the deadly danger of snakes

    Yanchep Veterinary Hospital has issued a warning to pet owners about the danger of snakes in Perth suburbs this spring following the death of a dog last week. Read the…

  • Sep 12 2018

    Snakebite Season

    Warmer days and nicer weather mean its a great time to get out and about with our pets. Its also a time when the local reptiles are on the move…

  • Feb 08 2018

    Heartworm Prevention

    Did you know that in Australia, mosquitoes can transmit a fatal disease to your dog? Mosquitoes carry heartworm larvae which can be transmitted to the blood of dogs. These larvae…