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DIY Dog Wash

Regularly grooming your dog plays an important role in keeping them healthy and happy.

Our K9000 Dog Wash provides you with a safe, convenient area to wash your dog. 

Forget squeezing your hesitant dog into a tiny laundry sink, creating mess up the walls, on the floor and often – throughout the house! 

No need for expensive professional dog groomers. Use our super simple and hygienic area, where you and your pampered pooch have room to move without the fear of mess or having your dog experience the stress of being handled by someone new. 

Our equipment ensures a thorough, near-professional clean, no matter how dirty your pooch may be.

Benefits of our DIY Dog Wash:

  • No bookings required
  • Open 24/7
  • Easy to operate
  • Fully self-contained unit, safe and secure
  • Non-toxic grooming products
  • Conveniently located here at our Hospital
  • No need to make a mess at home
  • Great lighting to be able to see your pooch at night
  • Great smelling shampoo, conditioner and even flea control
  • Blow dryer
  • Easy payment options, tap and go credit card or tokens. (no cash)
  • $11 for 11 minutes or tokens can be purchased from our lovely staff at reception