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Pet Boarding Services

We will now be acting as a drop off point for West Coast Boarding Kennels for dogs and for cats. So if you cant get to them in their opening hours, or be at home for a pick up or drop off, we can mind your precious furbaby until the pet taxi arrives to collect them. And when its time to come home, we can act as a drop off and pet sitter for a few hours until you can come to collect your pet.

This is a free service that saves you driving all the way to the boarding place, making it much more convenient than a potential 60km round trip journey. West-Coast will charge for pick up and drop off, there’s no charge for us to mind your pet in our hospital until the pet taxi arrives. Just another little thing we can do to help get your pet boarding off to an easy start.

Visit to find out more about the pet boarding services on offer.