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Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan are specialists in pet insurance for cats, dogs and horses. Their ‘Covered for Life’ plans are unrivalled in their ability to cover on-going conditions and their policies are the most comprehensive on the market.

For illnesses, injuries, chronic, re-occurring or lifelong illness, ‘Covered for Life’ policies will take care of expensive treatment and medication.

As one of the leading providers of pet insurance plans in Australia, they’re here to help you through those unexpected moments. Being insured with Petplan means that you will not have to worry or hesitate about taking your beloved pet to see the vet. You will be able to seek veterinary assistance without the fear of the cost.

We are proud to join Petplan on their mission to make the nations pets happier and healthier.

Every pet deserves Petplan – Visit them at or call 1300 738 225.