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Is your dog battling springtime itch?

Dogs’ skin conditions can get worse during springtime and may be extremely uncomfortable for dogs. They can have a negative impact on your dog’s quality of life – waking them during sleep and interrupting play and feeding. This can even lead to challenges at home, as these disruptions flow over to affect the family.

If this sounds familiar, simply book-in a consultation and let us help beat the itch this spring with a new steroid-free treatment!

Winning the battle but losing the war with springtime itch?

Usually, a dog’s skin allergy will keep coming back, sometimes seasonally, just like we get hayfever in spring, and sometimes year-round. For example, if your dog is allergic to dust mites. The good news is that breakthrough new steroid-free treatments are now available that could provide a lasting solution for your itchy dog!

Does your dog need a springtime itch solution that’s steroid free?

If your dog is using a steroid-based anti-itch medication it could be time to change tactics. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in our understanding of canine dermatitis, new treatments have become available that could provide a more effective solution for your dog’s troublesome symptoms with fewer of the potential side effects.

Book a consultation and we’ll help your dog beat the itch this spring!